Privacy Policy

Your privacy as you use our site is essential to us. Therefore, we are open to how we collect, use, distribute and store your information. Please note that we try very hard to collect minimal information because it’s necessary to process your order or give you a great experience as you use our website. Therefore, this policy aims to notify you of the methods, usage and processing of information we collect from you straightforwardly.

When Does this Privacy Policy Become Applicable to Me?

This policy comes into usage when you use our site, mobile app or any other products available through or our site. In this policy, you will find words like “services” to refer to our site, mobile applications, or any other products offered through our website.  Kindly note that we remain committed to protecting your privacy the whole time you are using our website or enjoying our services. Therefore, apart from explaining how we collect, use, share and store your information, we also explain yours right concerning the data you send to us.

How We May Receive Your Information

As we strive to offer contractual or legal obligations, we may receive your information in various ways; among those ways are acquiring directly from you or our partners, subsidiaries, site, affiliates or associates. Additionally, we may get it through contracts or legal agreements you may have with us, affiliates, sites, subsidiaries or even associates. Also, note that we may get permission from you directly, or we may collect your information from other parties that you may have given consent to distribute your information. Finally, we collect your information:

  • When you visit our site
  • When you engage us via the email address
  • Whenever you place an order with us
  • When you leave us a comment or review on our site or even our communities and forums
  • When you get in touch with us via phone
  • When you use other sites owned by us or any services we may provide through our affiliates, site, subsidiaries or partners.

What Information Do We Collect from You?

In the case or when you come to our site or even use any of our services or participate in our communities, we will collect your information. Please note that the information we may gather includes technical information and IP address for your phone, browser, laptops or such devices. We will also request your phone number and location details. Additionally, we may collect your email address, name, and city/ZIP code or state address. Lastly, we may also request data relating to how you interact with our site.

Here’s Why We Collect Your Information

Location Information: We may ask for country or location information for some reason. First, we ask it to verify users, prevent fraudulent use of users’ accounts and lastly, for tax purposes.

  • Email Address: We request an email address so that we may contact users quickly. Also, we may use your email address to provide you with promotional or marketing material or both.
  • Your Name: The reason why we collect this information is to verify users. Additionally, we ask for such information to help us prepare invoices for users. Lastly, we ask for such information to prevent fraudulent activities on users’ accounts and for tax reasons.
  • Phone Number: The aim of asking for a phone number is to verify users. Additionally, we ask for a phone number so that we can be able to contact you quickly. Also, the phone number help our customer support team to serve our clients smoothly.
  • City/ZIP Code/ State: We ask for this information for billing purposes

Please note that we ask for all information mentioned above to help us serve our clients better.

Storage of Your Data

It is essential to note that we will process and store your data in the USA for our clients and agree to use our services is understood to have given us permission to us, i.e. to process and store your data in US-based servers. Please note that we are committed to ensuring your data is safe, secure and accessible to you only and not third parties. Also, note that we don’t store your information for longer than necessary.

It’s ideal to note that we store your data for as long as the law allows or as long as we have genuine reasons for keeping it. The best thing is that you have the right to ask us to delete your data entirely from our records and systems. That said, please note that we may not have control over data while in storage. Also, note that we may not apply much control over data during its transmission. However, we will always ensure that your data stays encrypted during storage or transmission.

Sharing Your Data

Please note that we may share your data with third parties whenever you have permitted us to do so or for legal reasons. Kindly note the following list of parties that we may share your information with:

  • We may share with our staff for marketing and promotional activities
  • We may also share with our subsidiaries, site as well as associates
  • Subcontractors for the performance of the contract entered with you or with them
  • We may share with third parties who supply us with various services
  • Lastly, we may share with third parties where you have given us permission to

Please note that we ensure that your information is protected and respected in every step in every case.

Your Rights

Below are the rights you enjoy

  • The right to be informed
  • The right to access your information
  • The right to have your information accurately captured
  • Right to restrict data processing
  • The right to obtain and reuse data for personal purposes across services
  • The right to withdraw consent
  • The right to complain about any issue
  • The right to object to how we use, process, store and share your data

Age Limitations

Please note that we don’t collect or allow access to our services to people under the age of 16

Links to Other Websites

It’s ideal to note that some of the content we publish on our site may contain links to or other sites. We will not be held liable for what happens in the case and when you choose to click and submit your information to such sites. Such sites have their policy which may differ from our privacy policy.

Updating Our Privacy Policy

Please note that we may change our policy from time to time, and we ask you to review this privacy policy from time to time.